Zuckerberg’s Trail of Apologies

The founder and CEO of Facebook have been on a tour of apologies across the entire world. U.S. Senators, including ex-Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, are questioning Zuckerberg about his actions involving the data breach. The hearing was sparked by the recent privacy malfunction by Facebook that allowed up to the information of up to 87 million people, according to Reuters, to be obtained by Cambridge Analytica. The recent privacy mishap of Facebook has illuminated a greater fear that people have. Especially from Facebook, or Instagram, which it owns. Facebook had a privacy bug issue recently.

Data Breach From Facebook

How to Protect Yourself Online

For the average American or any other social media user, the most relevant takeaway is to be more aware of what information you put online. There are a lot of people out there that are scared that what they have shared on social media websites is going to get leaked. The easiest solution to this worry is to take the information off in the first place. Don’t put up any information that could affect your job or personal life. Or use a public background search

The Privacy Danger of Social Media

There will always be a privacy danger on these social media sites. It was only a matter of time that something happened, and affect many of us. If hackers are able to hack the Democratic National Convention and other high-profile events and companies, they could surely get ahold of someone’s personal information that is not nearly as safe. Just know that your information is always being monitored and the possibility of another leak is possible. 

What Zuckerberg’s Hearings Showed Us

Who knows what the goal of the Senators was in questioning Zuckerberg. What we know for sure is that Zuckerberg’s answers were full of a lot of empty promises. It seems that the founder of Facebook is content that he and his company will be able to address these problems from the inside, without any third-party help. The senators are not happy with his answers, nor are the Americans who have had their information compromised by this very man. 

Me Pondering What To Make Of This

Is Facebook a Monopoly?

Many questions are surfacing after Zuckerberg being at the EU. One of them is, whether or not Facebook has developed into a monopoly of the social media industry. Many believe that since Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world it has become a monopoly. And that violates the international business law. Facebook also owns Instagram, something most people are unaware of. 

It’s All a Business

At the end of the day, it’s all about the money for Facebook, and it always has been. Anyone who has seen Social Network can recall how ambitious the young Zuckerberg was. He went to Harvard and developed the social media site as a student. You have to remember that Facebook is a company and a business. It’s easy to forget that since there are billions of users on its pages. Facebook has revolutionized the way that people see social media and allowing them to connect with others in a whole new way.