The Best Cooking Apps for the Aspiring Cook

Cooking is one fun and fulfilling hobby to pursue. However, even the most enthusiastic cook can run out of ideas too. It is a good thing though that you can always turn to your smartphone for inspiration. Read on as we list down some of the best recipe apps to give you some helpful advice and suggestions the next time you want to put the apron on.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Popular British chef, Jamie Oliver, has his own cooking app and it is free. Providing new seasonal recipes weekly, it covers everything from simple, easy-to-fix, quick meals to even something as elaborate as dishes for a dinner party. You will be delighted with the clear videos and crisp photos provided. Newbies in the kitchen would also appreciate the how-to-guides provided as it provides tricks and tips on mastering the often trickier parts involved in cooking.

Another recipe app worth adding to your phone, boasts of more than 500,000 recipes. This expansive app is unique in that it allows you to build your own menus while also getting the advantage of creating a grocery list that is then populated with a variety of options. If you have food preferences or specific dietary requirements, all you need to do is divide food accordingly. You can even check if there are deals from local stores so you won’t miss out on great discounts.


Another free app that you will certainly enjoy, BigOven has something for everyone. It has more than 350,000 recipes in store. Its meal planner tool and its grocery list function will keep you on top of planning and organizing your meals. It even has a social side that allows you to check out what other users are making, and possibly get inspired from their creations in the process.


If classy meal ideas are what you’re looking for, SideChef will not disappoint. One of the best easy to follow recipe apps out there, it aims to help newbies become more confident chefs. The app offers more than 250,000 recipes complete with detailed instructions. Its voice guidance feature and integrated timers make for a hands-free experience. The impressive dishes that it features make it the perfect tool to show off your superb cooking skills.

Cooking can be a challenge when you have no idea what to cook. So if you ever find yourself running out of ideas or in need of some cooking inspiration, check out the apps we’ve listed above. You’ll be surprised at how much they’ll turn your cooking experience around.

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