Easy Ways To Engage With Customers On Social Media

These days it’s essential for a business to use social media. But if you don’t use social media correctly you could hurt your business rather than help it. Engaging with customers on a personal level is the best way to build a community and promote your business. But it’s not as easy as some business owners think to build real engagement with followers and friends online. You need to strike the right balance of promotion and personal connection. Here are a few ways that experts recommend to increase your engagement with customers on social media and increase your following:

Don’t Spam

If you post too many promotional posts your posts will seem like spam and you will lose the attention of your followers. The golden rule for posting promotional items on social media is that you should post one promotional post highlighting a product or sale for every ten posts that you make. So only one out of ten posts should be promoting your business. The other posts should be fun posts that are related to your business or product. You can answer followers, have hashtagging contests, share memes and other graphics, just don’t do fill your feel with promotional posts.

Instant Customer Service

One of the best ways to use social media to engage with customers is to provide customer service through social media. The brands that customers trust have customer service reps that can be contacted through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well through the website and on the phone. Customers want to be able to reach a person who can help them quickly when they have a problem. If you give them that it will increase customer loyalty quite a bit.

Engage One On One

The large companies that are really good at social media have employees whose only job is to be active on social media. Posting information about the brand but more importantly engaging one on one with followers. The more that you interact directly with people the more your social media presence will grow. That can mean anything from re-tweeting and reposting memes and other items to responding directly to people who try to contact you or mention you in their posts.

Have A Sense Of Humor

When you are active on social media all the time sometimes you or your social media employee might want to get snarky or try to be edgy. That is never a good idea. It’s very easy to misconstrue tone on social media. But that doesn’t mean that your official account shouldn’t show a sense of humor. Being able to make topical jokes, laugh at your mistakes, and engage with customers in a funny and friendly way can have a huge impact on your success on social media. Social media is all about interaction. So when you are tempted to let your irritation, fatigue, or annoyance show in your responses or posts take a step back, take a deep breath or ten, and then respond.